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Traveling to Bald Head Island in North Carolina

January 16th, 2014 8:51 am

Bald Head Island is located East of the Cape Fear River in North Carolina. Cars are not allowed on the island. Only electric golf cars are allowed. This village is quite a popular destination for those who are retired. Bald Head Island is known for it natural beauty. It is home to one of the oldest lighthouses that was built in 1817. It is a small island that has played a part in two American wars. The American Revolution and the Civil war were the two wars this island was involved in. Seasonally, large sand bars emerge from the sea. These can be seen from the island.

The beautiful island has an abundance of creek estuaries. It attracts many fishermen today. Disease and war is what killed the Native American population on the island. Spanish sailors visited the island during the early 1800s. The construction of the lighthouse was in 1789. In 1813, the lighthouse was declared inoperable.

This island was struck by Hurricane Floyd in 1999. Since that time, the island has not been recognized as a distinct island. The north of the island consists of beach areas. Bald Head Island has a humid subtropical climate. The summers are very hot and humid and the winters are cool. People still gather with family and friends to visit this beautiful place. The lighthouse still atttracts many vacationers and so does the natural beauty of the island. It is still a great place for fishing and swimming.

There are quite a few miles of untouched acres of beach. This is quite a lovely place for a romantic vacation. It is considered one of the best places to retire. The island can be reached in about twenty minutes after leaving North Carolina’s coastline. The island welcomes guest that arrive from the passenger ferry. You may enjoy traveling to the island by private boat as well. The island has no crowds and is pretty much quiet, peaceful and serene. Maps and directions around the island can be provided by hotels in the area or your travel agent. Many people who visit the island often return.

North Carolina Golf

June 29th, 2012 9:30 am

North Carolina has some of the finest fairways in the nation. If you are a tree hugger, or like to be challenged by trees on your fairway, then definitely, consider heading out to a North Carolina Golf course. Not one of the lucky few that resides here all year long? Don’t worry. North Carolina accepts golf fanatics from all over.

Some of the “Top 100 Fairways” are in North Carolina. Wil-Mar Golf Club has been named by Golf For Women magazine as one of the best. Wil-Mar Golf course, family owned, offers out-standing on-hand instruction. It is located three miles east of Raleigh, hidden away in what’s still countryside. But just because it’s one of the best doesn’t mean it’s not affordable.

There are other top rated golf courses in other parts of North Carolina. Blair Park Golf Course and Oak Hollow Golf Course in High Point, Timberlake Golf Club in Clinton, and Reedy Creek Golf Course in Four Oaks, just to name a few.

Keith Hills II Country Club is one of the most picturesque, set on the Cape Fear River, and has some of the best deals. Last Monday, there was a special that dropped off $22 and let you steal a tee time for only $17.50.

North Carolina has many Golf Courses and Golf Clubs and even more tee times to choose from. There are so many possibilities, and so many great deals. You can start your week with a Monday Prime-time. Does a deal at $12 for a prime time at River Golf & Country Club sound good? Then go for it. There are great websites to check out tee times and rates.

Those trees are starting to change color, and autumn is here with its cool breezes. North Carolina has one of the greatest climates to swing your golf club, and it’s not too late to take advantage of. September and October are the best seasons for North Carolina golf courses.